The BIG FOUR Weight Loss Strategies

September 2007

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How many times have you been on a 'diet'? (Come honest!) We all know what we should be eating. We also know that exercise is vital for maintaining fitness and healthy weight. For some people, though, knowing all this doesn’t help. The problem is, the weight loss industry is huge; and yet the majority of weight loss regimes out there do little more than treat the symptoms, without addressing the REAL cause.

Anybody can go on a 'diet' – but what happens when the novelty of counting calories wears off? Most people go back to their old habits, and more often than not they gain even more weight than before! What is wrong with this picture?? Let's stop using band-aids. It’s time to get to the root of the problem; your emotions. Addressing your emotional health is crucial to improving all areas of your physical health, and it starts with self-awareness.

STEP ONE: Healing Past Hurts

The first step to letting go of excess weight is to work out what the triggers are for your unhealthy eating habits and/or lack of exercise. Throughout our lives we accumulate hurts, resentments and misunderstandings, and if we don’t take steps to acknowledge and heal the negative emotions that come with these situations, they can affect us in many different ways. Emotional eating is just one way in which the subconscious mind manifests the 'fallout' from these feelings.

So how do you know if you're hanging onto negative emotions? The first step is to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Is there anyone in my life, either from the past or the present, who I feel has hurt or wronged me? If so:

  • When I think about this person or situation, do I feel anger, resentment, guilt, sadness, loss, or any other negative emotion?

  • Holding onto negative emotions is one of biggest blocks to releasing excess weight, because when you allow yourself to stew over things, you are consuming energy that could otherwise be used for positive things, and I'll give you an example; What you might notice within yourself as a feeling of ‘I just can’t be bothered’ is in fact the subconscious manifestation of all this anxiety and stress you’re carrying. Your subconscious mind literally has no energy to help you achieve your worthwhile goals, because that energy is being used up on the angst, hatred, guilt and other stuff that you are carrying.

    Sometimes the situation or person that hurt us is so far in the past that we think that we have dealt with the emotions. This may be true at a conscious level, but often we haven’t truly dealt with the emotions at a subconscious level and this is when it becomes a problem.

    So it makes sense to let it go doesn't it? But what if the person who hurt you REALLY deserves to get what’s coming to them? Well, that’s not your problem. When you release negative feelings and emotions, it doesn't mean you are admitting that the other person was right or that they should get away with what they did; rather, it’s about taking back your own power. Until you release your resentment, the person who hurt you holds all the power, and guess who keeps on getting hurt? That’s right – you. Do you really want to be stuck in the past? Regain your power today; take control of YOU. You're the only one who can.

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    STEP TWO: Is YOUR Inner Saboteur running the show?

    Maybe you already know what you should be doing, and even succeed for short periods of time; only to find that time and time again, there seems to be a ‘part’ of you that brings you right back to where you started. Some people even feel as though there is a little voice in their head which is playing games; Do any of these little self-sabotaging thoughts sound familiar?;

  • Go on – just eat it; who cares anyway?

  • Everybody else is eating whatever they like – why should I miss out?

  • I can start the diet tomorrow

  • What’s the point? – I’ll never lose the weight anyway

  • It’s too hard

  • Sound familiar? I call this voice ‘Mister “Why should I?’” This character is actually a part of your subconscious mind that is trying to help you; the only problem is, this part is operating from an old program – a program based on the way you used to be, and it doesn’t know any better. You see, somewhere along the way this little part decided that your negative behaviour is beneficial to you in some way.

    If you’re hanging onto any negative habits, then there could be one or more subconscious pay-offs going on. Here are some common reasons why we continue to listen to our inner saboteur:

  • If I stay fat, I won’t have to find a new relationship and risk being hurt again.

  • Food gives me comfort.

  • Eating eases my anxiety – if I give up overeating I won’t be able to cope with the stresses in my life.

  • It’s much easier to stay home and relax – it’s too cold/hot to exercise.

  • I don’t have time to exercise.

  • I know I’re thinking; ‘if this part’s trying to help, I’d hate to see what it would do if it was trying to hurt me!’. But the truth is, you can communicate with this part and convince it to change its ways – all with the power of your mind. You can explain to that part why the negative behaviour is no longer appropriate, and then you can invite it to help you by giving it a new role – a role that will still help you in some way, but without the destructive habit behaviour. The most effective way to do this kind of work is through self-hypnosis.

    STEP THREE: Do you Believe It?

    Your belief in yourself is they key to everything – including permanent weight loss. If what you believe to be true about yourself and the rest of the world creates your reality (and it does), then it makes perfect sense that we would want to cultivate subconscious beliefs that will allow us to get more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. Take a look at some of these weight loss 'showstoppers':

  • I never finish what I start;

  • I’m an ‘all-or nothing’ person (If I have one tim-tam, I have to eat the whole packet);

  • I’m lazy;

  • Obesity runs in my family, therefore there is no point in trying;

  • I’ve always been big, therefore I’ll always be big;

  • I don’t deserve to have a slim, healthy, attractive body

  • What showstoppers do you need to release? Sometimes it's not just you that gets in your own way. Pressures from society and the media to be stick-thin also exacerbate our negative beliefs, often causing us to go in the opposite direction from where we want to go. When you deprive yourself of what you label ‘bad’ foods, this sets up a theme of lack and deprivation in your subconscious mind – whenever you go on a ‘diet’, your subconscious mind is always waiting for the day that you will ‘come off’ that diet.

    All of this ‘should’, ‘must’ and ‘shouldn’t’ thinking eventually leads to bingeing; as the pressure becomes unbearable you’ll probably give up and feel defeated – and so the cycle of deprivation and self-punishment begins again.

    So what can you do? Learn how to get off the rollercoaster! Stop punishing yourself. It doesn’t work. It’s never worked. Understand that you didn’t wake up 10 kilos heavier and you’re not going to wake up 10 kilos lighter either. Effective, long term weight management requires commitment, perseverance and motivation. Depriving yourself in spurts just doesn’t make sense; what you do need is an achievable lifestyle change that lets you have some of the things you like without going overboard.

    Need some help? A skilled therapist will plant the right seeds and get you attracting what you want in life.

    Make a decision today to identify and remove the beliefs that are no longer serving you well.

    STEP FOUR: Love Your Body

    Here’s the simple truth; you get what you pay attention to, regardless of whether you want it or not. Most people who want to lose weight focus on what they don't like about their body, unaware that in doing this, they are creating even more of what they don’t want. If you find yourself saying: “I hate my fat thighs”, or “Look how fat I am!”, you’re really sabotaging yourself. Here’s why;

    Your subconscious mind does not have the ability to reason or to think logically. Its job is to obey what you consciously choose to ‘feed’ it. For example, your subconscious mind will not say: “I know Jenny hates her fat thighs, so even though she is focusing on her fat thighs, I’m actually going to give her slim thighs.” It simply hears “fat thighs”....and being the humble servant that it is, it delivers more of the same.....MORE fat thighs!

    Where on Earth did we ever get the idea that in order to make ourselves do better, be better and feel better, we must first make ourselves feel worse? This doesn’t work! So if that’s been your strategy in the past, then give it up NOW. Here’s a much healthier concept: when you release negative images of your body while at the same time becoming excited and inspired about the new body you are in the process of creating, you develop a profound and powerful shift in energy that enables you to release excess weight easily and effortlessly. You can choose either path; it all begins and ends with you.

    WEIGHT LOSS From the Inside Out

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    - Sonia

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