Smashing Tips for Successful Goal-Setting

September 2005

Hi and Welcome to Issue #001 of Success Express!

In this issue, I will be talking about goal setting. Specifically:

  • Why Do we set goals?
  • The key to success
  • How to set goals
  • How To Unleash The power of intention

  • Why Do We Set Goals?

    We all want happiness, right? But exactly what IS happiness, and why does it elude so many of us? Well, for one thing, happiness means different things for different people. So when I talk to my clients, I ask them “what does happiness” mean to you? After much um-ing and ah-ing, we eventually begin to write some things down. Why do we do this?

    Because writing down what you want is the first step towards having it! We all have a natural urge within us to strive to be the best we can be. Abraham Maslow called it “self-actualization” – the sense that your abilities and talents are being fulfilled, and that you are becoming everything that you are capable of becoming.

    So what, or who are you capable of becoming? Goal setting is a great way for you to find out. Not only will it help you to define what your priorities are, but it will also teach you to make decisions and get focused on your success. In fact, just setting a goal can give you the motivation you need to follow through!

    The Key To Your Success

    When you have something to focus on, it becomes much easier to get what you want. Your mind can do nothing but create; in fact, you set and achieve goals every day without even thinking about it. Think of something small that you wanted recently, that you ended up getting. Perhaps you decided to buy yourself a new outfit or some music.

    Whatever it was, how sure were you that you would have it? How motivated were you to get it? When you really want something, you need only focus your intention on it, and you will have it.

    When you set and achieve goals for yourself, each success that you have builds on the last, and increases your motivation; it’s like a snowball effect. Without goals, your life has no direction. And if you don’t take control of your life, then guess what is likely to happen?:

    Someone Else Will!

    So, it’s important to set goals; but it’s also important to remember that your goals are not set in stone. As your circumstances change, so too will your goals, and you will need to continually review and revise them so that they are in line with who you are and what you want TODAY.

    How To Set Goals

    The first step is to write your goals down on paper and make them specific enough so that you know exactly what you are striving for. This is your opportunity to really think about what you want. For example, it’s not enough just to say “I want more peace in my life”. What does peace mean for you? How will you know when you have more peace?

    Your goals should be stated in positive language, because this is what your subconscious mind understands best. So, rather than saying “I don’t want my work to take over my life”, you might reframe this by instead saying “I want a good balance between my work and home life”. Then break this down even further; what is a good balance? What percent of your time to you want to spend at work, etc...get the picture?

    Okay, so you have your list of goals - that's great; but it’s not enough just to write them down. You also need to work out what you want to accomplish and give each task a time frame. So now, start to define actions you can take get yourself moving in the right direction. Start with baby steps...and build momentum. And of course, the goals you set must be realistic. For example, if you were a 55 years old it would not be practical to set a goal to become a world class olympic gymnast - no matter how fit you are!

    Once you have a well-formed goal statement in place, it's time to work out what you are going to do to achieve each goal. So you now start to write a more detailed "Action Plan". This outlines all of the steps you need to take to get where you want to go. Your action plan will give you the motivation to proceed. Make a commitment to follow through and do each of the the steps that you have outlined in your plan; you'll feel great once you get going!

    Remember, your goals are not set in stone, so if along the way you need to change some things or tweak your action plan, this is perfectly okay – so long as you never lose sight of the big picture! If you want to reach your goals you must be persistent, and make a commitment to give your goals regular attention.

    Need some help getting motivated? Personal Success Coaching can help you achieve the life of your dreams.

    Setting and achieving goals takes practice, so start small! Once you have a few wins under your belt, this will give you the momentum and motivation to keep going.

    How To Unleash The Power Of Intention

    Always remember that what you put your attention on expands! Keep a copy of your goals where you can see them. Look at them every day, morning and night; read them out aloud. Do some visualisation of your goals, and your subconscious mind will reward you by setting the wheels in motion to create what you want. One great way to unleash the power of your intention is by practising Affirmations

    So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this issue of Success Express...have a great day!

    - Sonia

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