Great Anxiety Busters

November 2005

Hi and Welcome to Issue #003 of Success Express!

In this issue, I will be talking about how to deal with day to day anxiety and stress:

  • What is stress?

  • Why do we experience stress in our lives?

  • What can we do about stress?

  • If I ignore it, will it go away?

  • What is stress?

    We all get stressed in our lives. In fact, a certain degree of stress is actually good for you, because it stops you from being bored and allows you to strive toward worthwhile goals. If you didn’t have at least some stress in your life, you would not be able to survive. But when that level of stress becomes too high, our lives become unmanageable and it takes its toll on our health. In fact, all physical symptoms are a physiological manifestation of a psychological imperative.

    Why do we experience stress in our lives?

    Well, one thing that many of us do is spend more time than we need worrying about things that may never happen. Which one of these statements can you relate to?

  • You constantly worry about losing your job
  • You worry about what other people think of you
  • You imagine the worst case scenario in every situation
  • You often find yourself saying ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’

  • If you let the temptation to worry about everything take over your life, you’ll become so afraid to take chances that you’ll get trapped in a vortex of your own fear. Now, don’t get me wrong – a certain amount of worrying is actually quite useful for you; in fact it’s the mind’s way of sorting things out and finding the best solutions. But the mind can only cope with a limited level of worrying before it shuts down. So the trick is to save your worrying for when you really need it.

    So it’s important to take that leap of faith every now and then. If this is new to you, start with baby steps…and then gradually build up. Remember, the most successful people in history have usually had many failures before their big success. If they worried about failure they would never have achieved their dreams. By kicking the worry habit, you will become healthier, happier and a lot less stressed. You’ll definitely get more out of life this way!

    What can we do about stress?

    There are a lot of things you can do to manage your own stress. One of these is with affirmations . By affirming to yourself that you are a calm and relaxed person, you re-program your brain and with daily affirmation practice, this becomes your new reality.

    Anxiety treatment is also a very powerful way to re-define your reality. The skills of a qualified therapist can help you to create powerful and positive changes in your life. I work with you every step of the way to address both the cause and the symptoms of your stress.

    What you eat and drink has a huge impact on how you are feeling. So it’s important to cut out those things that are likely to aggravate your symptoms. Give yourself the best possible chance of recovery by watching your diet.

    The power of laughter

    Laughter is one of the best ways to reduce stress, because it produces natural feel-good chemicals in the body. Think about how great it feels to have a good cackle…it’s the best feeling isn’t it? So do everything you can to provoke a good belly laugh; not only will it relax you, it will dissolve the away all the stress. Do yourself a big favour and laugh at every opportunity you get!

    If I ignore it, will it go away?

    Sadly, it will not. You see, your subconscious mind has one goal – to protect you. Your feelings of stress and anxiety are the mind’s way of letting you know that something in your life is not working. And what is the best thing to do if something isn’t working?

    Do something different.

    Sound fair? At the end of the day, your emotional health is in your hands. Unless you take steps to make positive changes in your present circumstances, the stress will stay, and if fact it will get worse. So if you are suffering from anxiety, make sure you seek treatment with a qualified professional before it becomes too much for you. There’s only one you, so take care of you!

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    So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this issue of Success Express...have a great day!

    - Sonia

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