Prosperity Consciousness - How to become a Money Magnet

February 2006

Hi and Welcome to Issue #006 of Success Express!

In this issue, I will be talking about how to activate your prosperity consciousness

  • What are your beliefs about money and wealth?

  • You are the Source

  • Money is NOT a dirty word

  • Tuning into the Essence of what you want

  • What are your beliefs about money and wealth?

    Today I’d like to talk about money; specifically, how to attract it into your life, and how to be OK about having it. Many of us want to have money, yet we seem to spend our whole lives chasing it as though it were some magic unattainable commodity that only a ‘lucky few’ get to have. How do you feel about your ability to create prosperity? Do you believe it is possible to have anything that you want? Here are some of the common beliefs that stop people from creating money and abundance:

  • You have to spend money to make money
  • I come from a poor family so I’ll always be poor
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Get what you can while you can at any cost
  • Life is a struggle
  • You have to work hard to have money

  • The truth is, you CAN have money; because money is simply energy that exists in the higher realms, waiting to be changed into form. The problem is, so many people are literally scared of it; when they don’t have it they fear they won’t be able to make ends meet...and when they do have it, they live in constant fear of losing it! Can you relate to any of what I've said so far?

    If so, take a good hard look at your beliefs, because it is these beliefs that are creating your reality right here and now. In order to get what you want in life, you must align your inner thoughts and beliefs so that they are in harmony with what you want. For example, if on a conscious level you say “I want to be wealthy”, while your subconscious belief systems cause your mind to say “I’ll always be poor”, then guess what you will create for yourself? That’s right...more of what you don’t want.

    You are the Source

    Every single day, you create things using your own thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts have an incredible magnetic quality…and even though you can’t see them, they have everything to do with how your life is right now. If you want to bring something into your life, whether it's money, love or simply inner peace, you must align your thoughts with your desires.

    Now, I know we all have doubts and fears…no-one is perfect, but you CAN train your mind so that it produces positive thoughts most of the time. And the good news is, one positive thought is more powerful than hundreds of negative thoughts. Here's how to do it.

    I’ve talked a lot about the power of attraction, and at the same time as you are attracting some things into your life, every day you are also repelling other things...what are you inadvertently repelling from your life? Here's something to think about;

    you will not get what you want by fearing its opposite.

    For example, let’s say you’re afraid that you won’t make next month’s rent; if you spend every waking hour worrying about this, you are actually creating a great deal of negative energy; since energy follows thought, and thought precedes form, it stands to reason that fearing poverty will only create more poverty!

    The Universe is an abundant and friendly place; there IS enough to go around, and you have the power within you to attract everything you want…simply by aligning your thoughts with your desires. If you need a little help, contact me. I can teach you to tap into your inner resources and create beliefs that will allow you to attract prosperity into your life.

    You can do a lot for yourself too. Practising daily personal affirmations produces dramatic results in a short period of time. Learn how to expect the best and you WILL create it for yourself!

    Money is NOT a dirty word

    Many people have erroneous beliefs about having money; and it is precisely these beliefs that are stopping them from creating the perfect life for themselves. What about you? Do you think that if you become wealthy, somehow this will turn you into a bad person?

    There is no virtue in being poor!

    In fact, quite the opposite is true. Having enough money to do what you want when you want will allow you to find your higher purpose and do what you are here on this Earth to do. So whatever your passion is, follow this....even if you don’t think you can make money from it.

    When you are following your highest path, you will make money – especially if you are helping other people. Rather than associating money with greed, instead think of all the good things you could do once you have money; such as donating to charities, expanding your business to create more jobs, and inspiring others to follow their highest path and achieve self-actualization.

    Money is NOT the root of all evil. Of course, stepping over other people at all costs to get money or anything else you want is wrong; and the Universal laws of cause and effect will continue to teach you this, regardless of whether you believe that the laws exist or not. But creating money while acting for the highest good of all concerned is not only is your birthright! So give yourself permission to create prosperity for yourself and for those around you.

    I can help you create prosperity! If you want to be wealthy but you believe there is not enough to go around, then let me help you to align your beliefs with what you want to create in your life.

    Daily affirmations will help you to set your sights on creating beliefs that serve you well. Act as though it is already happening and it WILL become your reality. Use the power of faith to turn your life around today!

    Tuning into the Essence of what you want

    One of the best ways to attract what you want is to tune into the essence of what you think having that thing will give you. For example, here are a few of the things people really want when they say they want to be wealthy;

  • Freedom to do what you want
  • More security
  • More self-respect
  • More love

  • Now, once you have found the essence of what you want, start thinking about ways you can bring more of that quality into your life. I did this exercise myself, and here's what happened:

    Since the essence of what I wanted was a feeling of safety and security, during my meditation I asked my higher self what I could do to increase my own feelings of security. I was given a message to increase my home-loan repayments to an extra 50 dollars per week, and I immediately did this.

    By taking this leap of faith, I was able to demonstrate my trust that the Universe will provide, and it immediately increased my feelings of security. As soon as I did this, I began to create enough money for myself to allow for this increased payment, and have continued to do so ever since. Try it for yourself; it works!

    Remember to practise daily affirmations and consider enlisting the services of a qualified therapist to help you identify your blocks and create new, empowering beliefs.

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    So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this issue of Success Express...have a great day!

    - Sonia

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