How To Boost Your Metabolism

April 2006

Hi and Welcome to Issue #008 of Success Express!

In this issue, I will be talking about How your metabolism affects your weight

  • What is BMR?

  • Eat Well

  • Deprivation Does Not Work!

  • Get Active

  • What is BMR?

    Are you one of those people who constantly struggles with your weight? If so, your metabolism might be in need of an overhaul. A high metabolism helps you to burn fat more effectively, and if you are overweight, your basic metabolic rate (BMR) might be lower than it should be.

    BMR is the rate at which your body burns calories to perform its normal functions such as digestion, circulation and breathing. If you BMR is high, you are burning calories effectively even while you are sleeping. But if it is low, then you burn fewer calories 24 hours a day, and over time, this adds up to stored fat.

    Eat Well

    Ever gone on one of those ‘miracle’ diets, only to find yourself giving up and putting all the weight back on and then some? Well, here’s the deal: your body needs a minimum of 1500 to 2000 calories a day to perform its normal functions. When it doesn’t get its daily requirement it slows down the metabolic rate. So you are actually doing your body more harm than good by going on calorie restrictive diets.

    The protective function of the human body is to survive. So when the body 'senses' that it's not getting enough calories, it will start slowing down all its functions so that it doesn't burn up as many calories... this means that the rate of digestion, circulation, breathing slows down. This includes brain and central nervous system functions. By doing this the body is instinctively 'saving' calories. If you drastically reduce your caloric intake, you work against the natural rhythm of your body. So ditch that diet and eat sensibly instead!

    Make sure you eat regularly!

    When it comes to eating, a little common sense goes a long way. You may think that by skipping a meal you can ‘save up’ and have one big meal later. But the truth is, nothing harms your body more than skipping meals. You should aim to eat 5 small meals a day, and ALWAYS eat breakfast! Skipping breakfast sends the message to your body that you are "starving" because you haven't had food in 18 or so hours (dinner the night before to lunch the following day). To counteract this, your metabolism slows down..

    Struggling with your weight? If you need a little help, contact me. I can help you release and subconscious blocks that may be getting in the way of you achieving your ideal weight.

    You can do a lot for yourself too. Practising daily personal affirmations produces dramatic results in a short period of time. See yourself as fit, trim and healthy and you WILL be!

    Deprivation Does NOT Work!

    Always allow yourself to have your favorite foods every now and then. Deprivation will only set you up for failing. Why? Well, what happens when we tell ourselves that we 'can't' have certain foods, is that the subconscious mind focuses more strongly on those foods that ever before! So if you do this, You WILL end up over-eating to curb your craving and chances are you will still eat the food you were craving initially. By depriving yourself you have now ended up consuming more calories than if you allowed yourself to have a reasonable portion of your favorite food to begin with.

    I can help you gain control of your weight! If you want to be slim but you don't believe it is possible, then let me help you to align your beliefs with what you want to create in your life.

    Daily affirmations will help you to set your sights on creating beliefs that serve you well. Act as though it is already happening and it WILL become your reality. Use the power of faith to turn your life around today!

    Get Active

    Regular exercise such as biking, walking, or hiking will help raise your metabolism during the activity and for several hours after. Even simple movements such as taking the stairs, house cleaning, or gardening can help increase your burn rate. Do some type of aerobic exercise (walking, jogging, swimming, stationary cycling, aerobics, etc.) EVERY DAY for 30 to 60 minutes, preferably in the morning. Your body was designed to be active on a daily basis!

    When you are active your metabolism will soar! Also, it’s really important to get enough sleep each night. Sleep loss affects the way we metabolize carbohydrates resulting in glucose intolerance and possibly leading to increased hunger and a slowed metabolism. Lack of sleep also can interfere with our energy levels during the day and cause us to skip our exercise routine because we have no energy left.

    Remember to practise daily affirmations and consider enlisting the services of a qualified therapist to help you identify your blocks and create new, empowering beliefs.

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    So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this issue of Success Express...have a great day!

    - Sonia

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