Is Your Time Managing You?

May 2006

Hi and Welcome to Issue #009 of Success Express!

Today we’re going to talk about that ever-elusive commodity – TIME.

What is it about managing our time that seems so hard? Well, it all starts with finding out just what is slowing you down and what exactly is getting in the way of you achieving the things you want in life. Good time management is a habit, just like anything else. And just as bad habits can be broken, good habits can be cultivated.

  • What is Distracting You?

  • Clear The Clutter

  • Make Prioritizing your Priority!

  • Ditch Procrastination

  • What is Distracting You?

    Have you ever spent countless hours completing a task that should have only taken half the time you spent? So what goes wrong and why does it always to seem to take twice as long to do the simplest of things?

    Each week I set goals and tasks for my clients. The reason I do this, is to help them to move forward in their lives and to encourage them to develop self-reliance. Sometimes, a client may come back to me and say: “well I was going to do that, but by the time I had (fill in the blanks)….there just wasn’t any time left.”

    Sound Familiar?

    Interruptions come in many forms – the telephone or doorbell are two big culprits, but there are others as well – for example, when your mind wanders off when you’re supposed to be concentrating on a specific task. So the key is to become aware of what’s getting in your way...the first step to changing any habit is awareness.

    In this fast-paced world, we are constantly receiving data into our brains…sometimes at an alarming rate. It can be tempting to get caught up in the various distractions that come your way, so it’s really important to create an atmosphere that fosters concentration.

    Begin by finding some quiet time for yourself. If your phone rings a lot, let the answering machine pick up your calls. Perhaps your kids are continually interrupting you with little things….if so, tell them you need to concentrate on what you’re doing. Explain that if they let you focus, you’ll finish quicker and you’ll have more time to spend with them later.

    Clear out the Clutter

    This is a big one! Did you know that having too much stuff lying around can actually clog up your mind and make you procrastinate even more? When you clean up your clutter you clear the fog in your mind at the same time. Clearing out clutter helps you find a sense of who you are, why you’re here and what truly makes you happy.

    It’s hard to concentrate on important tasks when your desk is overrun with clutter such as paperwork in need of filing, library books in need of returning and all of the other useless stuff you have collected along the way. So move everything else out of sight except for the things needed to accomplish the task at hand.

    Struggling to get things done? If you need a little help, contact me. I can help you release and subconscious blocks that may be getting in the way of you moving forward in your life.

    You can do a lot for yourself too. Practising daily personal affirmations produces dramatic results in a short period of time. See yourself as a do-er and you WILL be!

    Make Prioritizing your Priority!

    Sometimes we have so much on our plates that it’s almost impossible to decide what to do first… we have a coffee instead. Or we read the paper. Or we go for a walk to clear our head....and before we know it the whole day is gone and we’re even more stressed out than before! So many things are competing for our attention that it’s hard to focus on any of them. So how do we get around this?

    Having a list of things to do helps you select one project at a time and give it your full attention. When you write down what you want to do, your subconscious mind automatically sets out to create this as your reality…it’s that simple. So, start by making a list of all the things you would like to get done today. Break the list into three parts:

    1. Scheduled tasks such as meetings or appointments.

    2. 'Must do' tasks or everything that must be completed by day's end.

    3. Other tasks. These are important but don't have to be done in a day.

    Allocate the expected time each task will take. Beside each 'scheduled task' and each 'must do', task note the time it will take to complete each task. Remember that individual tasks often take longer than expected to complete so be generous in the time you allocate. Once you have done this, you can work out how much time you have left in the day to complete some of the other tasks.

    Prioritise the list - Number each item and do the nasty jobs first. There's always the temptation to do the easy jobs first. However, think how good you'll feel when the harder things are out of the way and how motivated you'll feel. That’s a great feeling! Stick to your list and tick off each item as you go....this will give you the momentum to keep going!

    I can help you move forward! If you want to get things done but you believe you're just not good at time management, then let me help you to align your beliefs with what you want to create in your life.

    Daily affirmations will help you to set your sights on creating beliefs that serve you well. Act as though it is already happening and it WILL become your reality. Use the power of faith to turn your life around today!

    Ditch the procrastination

    Procrastination really is the "Thief of Time" It's so easy to put things off till another time or till "I've had time to think about it." DO IT NOW! Plan your day the night before - At the end of each day write out all the things you need to do the following day to achieve your goals.

    Gather all the information you'll need, such as phone numbers and relevant paperwork. Always be honest with yourself - ask yourself: "Is what I'm doing now getting me to where I want to go?" if the answer is "no," then you need to re-evaluate what you're doing. And remember:

    If something's not working, do something different - anything different!

    Spend some time at the end of each day to assess your performance. Did you get everything done? If not, did you underestimate the time it took to complete certain tasks? What were the time wasters? Come up with strategies to avoid or minimise time wasters. By following this process each day, you will continually refine and improve your time management skills.

    Remember to practise daily affirmations and consider enlisting the services of a qualified therapist to help you identify your blocks and create new, empowering beliefs.

    Thinking about hypnotherapy, counselling or life-coaching?Click here to see testimonials from my clients!

    Do you need online advice? Follow this link to my virtual office and ask me anything you want!

    So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this issue of Success Express...have a great day!

    - Sonia

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