Four Common Beliefs that Hinder Weight Loss

February 2007

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What’s holding YOU back from looking your best? If you’re identifying with this topic, then I’d hazard a guess that the key is in your mind. 70% of my clients are weight loss clients. Of those, 68% are perfectly aware of all the things they ‘should’ be doing. They just keep hearing that inner voice that says: ‘You CAN’T lose weight’

In actual fact, the idea that you cannot achieve your weight loss goals or any other goals in your life for that matter, can be traced back to one dirty rotten culprit…your beliefs. So what are beliefs, and why do I spend so much time rabbiting on about them? Well, quite simply put, a belief is a thought that you keep on thinking. Eventually, when you think something often enough, your subconscious mind says ‘okay, well I’d better store that one away so it’ll be easier to access later’.

Kind of like when you learn to brush your teeth. When you first learned how to do this, you had to really concentrate on the task at hand and focus your thoughts, but now you don’t even have to think about it – you just automatically do it!

Great thing that subconscious mind...only problem is, sometimes we accidentally ‘create’ beliefs about ourselves and the world that eventually play a big part in making sure that we DON’T get what we want! AAARGGGH!! Here are some of the most common beliefs that I’ve helped my weight loss clients to let go of:

I’ve always been BIG

....therefore I’ll always be big. Sound familiar? Well let me tell you that there is quite simply nothing about yourself that you cannot change provided the intention and desire is there. Now, I’m not saying you should aim for something that’s totally ridiculous – if you were born with healthy curves, then it’s highly unlikely that you will become a stick insect without seriously compromising your health....but then again, why would you want to become a stick insect?

What I’m trying to say is that you CAN create real and profound results in your life just by being aware of beliefs that are holding you back. Just because Aunt Bertha can’t fit through the door, doesn’t mean you have to follow suit! So break the mould. Other people’s past (and present) reality does not have to be did not inherit other people’s attitudes.

Sometimes family members can ‘egg each other on’ in the overeating stakes, by re-affirming to each other that ‘this is just how we are...we’re a BIG family!’ Look I respect the whole gene pool thing...really I do...but it doesn’t mean you have to stop trying and reach for the donuts! Embrace your own uniqueness, and decide on a lifestyle that is right for you, and that will allow you to achieve your weight goals... you CAN do it!

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I’m Lazy

Are you really lazy? Or is this just an excuse you’ve taken on to avoid the real issue? Yes, weight loss takes effort and commitment – there is no getting around the fact that if you want to lose weight, you do actually have to do some work. The question is... do you want it bad enough?

Before you try to lose weight, examine the reasons you are doing it – are you doing this because you want to, or because someone else thinks you should? In my experience, people who are resistant to change often think they can’t lose the weight because they are ‘weak-willed’ or ‘lazy’....not so!

There are many inner blocks that can sabotage your goals – for example, is someone close to you criticizing your weight? If so, there’s nothing that will encourage subconscious resistance to weight loss more than when someone close to us says ‘should you be eating that…?’ Start to pay attention to those excuses you give yourself, and recognize them for what they are...simply subconscious resistance.

Do you want release your resistance? contact me. I can help you to work through the barriers that are stopping you from being the best you can be.

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I’m an ‘All or nothing’ Person

If you eat one Tim-Tam, do you have to finish the whole packet? If so you are afflicted with what I call ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking. And guess what? It’s just another belief...a lie you have told yourself.

In truth, every one of us experiences some level of disordered eating at some point in our lives…you know when you’re eating that last bite of tiramisu and you’re thinking: ‘yes I am full, but gee that was so yummy that I’m going to have another helping!’…and away you go; another helping later and you’re rolling around clutching your stomach and saying ‘why did I do that???’

That’s okay – don’t beat yourself up for having a blow-out every now and then. But once again, start to pay attention and recognize when you are engaging in ‘all or nothing’ behaviour. This type of behaviour is often developed at a very young age; for example, do you have memories of ‘sneaking food’ behind your parents’ backs when you were young? Eating the whole packet is symbolic of ‘destroying the evidence’ – kind of a lie we tell ourselves…that if nobody saw me do it then it doesn’t count – yeah...right!

Recognize your triggers and take steps to address these through hypnotherapy. - This is certainly one belief that you can do without!

So make it easy on yourself....relax and trust that the Universe IS friendly. Claim your share, because if you don't then someone else will!

I Never Finish what I Start

Here’s how it goes; you start out good…and then it goes bad – someone in the office buys cakes or your favourite chocolate is on special....well you know how it ends.

By the time my clients get to me, they are usually feeling very despondent. They have tried so many different diets and so many weight loss methods, and usually I am their ‘last hope’(....Gee thanks!). When I see these people it doesn’t take me long to work out what belief is holding them back.

And when I ask the question: “Do you believe that you never finish what you start?” their eyes light up and they say “YES!! How did you KNOW????” It’s true. I often get accused of being psychic. But in all seriousness, this is a really common block and one that you could afford to let go of.

You see, weight control is not just about what you eat and’s about how you see yourself, who you think you are and how you deal with the day to day stresses in your life. Change the way you see yourself and you will be able to create miracles – in fact, you WILL be able to create your ideal body.

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Make a decision today to identify and remove the beliefs that are no longer serving you well.

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So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this issue of Success Express...have a great day!

- Sonia

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