How Hypnotherapy Helped My Husband Quit Smoking

My husband was a chain-smoker. I had tried everything within my reach, but he wouldn’t quit. Even when I got pregnant, my husband smoked away outside the room. I knew he loved me a lot but he loved his cigarettes as much.

When my husband was diagnosed with throat cancer, my world fell apart. I had always taken care of his health, and ensured he remained fit. He was only 48-years old. My husband was even more devastated than I was. But we both knew the cigarettes were to blame. The doctor told us his cancer could be treated as it was a stage 2 throat cancer, and his survival rate was 65 percent – under the condition that he gave up smoking altogether.

We tried nicotine patches and nicotine gums along with other medications assuring us smoking would be put to an end. But nothing would work. My husband would need a cigarette despite it all. After many researches and talks with friends, I was told to consider hypnotherapy – a form of hypnosis in which a person’s behavior, dysfunctional habits, and personal developments are modified. We were told many people had undergone it to quit smoking as well and the results were all positive.

I found a hypnotherapist outside my city, but the distance didn’t matter; we really needed to try this new technique. It was our only hope.

The hypnotherapist listened to our problem intently, and asked me to sit quietly as she began putting my husband under a type of hypnosis. While my husband was out, she began softly telling him he was going to transform into a strong and healthy man and that his body will not want cigarettes again. She repeated the words several time, reversing her phrases at times.

After the session, she assured me my husband would not smoke again. As we drove back home, I felt my husband talking more positively. Till we went to bed, he did not smoke.

It has been 3 weeks now since we went to the hypnotherapist, and he has not smoked at all. Hypnotherapy is surely very helpful, and in my case, a true miracle.

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