What my clients are saying about hypnosis

I just love it when I see my clients overcoming their personal obstacles, and I want to share some of their success stories with you. It's feedback like this that makes my job worthwhile...have a read:

"Hi there Sonia. Won't hold you up - just thought I'd let you know I am still the reigning incredible shrinking woman and ... loving it. I have now lost 13kg and whole dress size + a bit more. Apparently I am still glowing from the inside too!

I feel strong and positive but best of all I feel absolutely no pressure or anxiety about the size I am now and what's ahead of me. I accept I need to exercise, therefore I do it without blinking an eyelid and my eating pattern is a breeze.

Can't help but say 'this is easy, why couldn't I do this sooner?' but I know the answer to that.

Thanks for your magic, although yes I know that's your job but still, thank you. I don't believe I could have done this without you so it was the best money I ever spent. I have certainly spent much more than that on take-away food in the past. Not anymore!! I'll drop you a line from time to time to let you know how it's going.

Take care and I wish you all the success with your new adventures


"Hi Sonia,

Hope you are well.

It is my pleasure to write and thank you for providing me with the tools to make some long overdue changes in my life.

My hypnotherapy sessions with you have not only enabled me to successfully give up smoking but also provided me with the clarity to see my life more clearly and the confidence to make positive changes.

Hypnotherapy has been a valuable therapy for me. It provides a feeIing of overall wellbeing both during and after each session and the bonus is I now have those skills to utilize at any time.

I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone wishing to make positive changes in their life.

Many thanks Sonia and kind regards


"Hi Sonia,

It's been a few weeks now since my last hypnotherapy session with you, but I still feeling confident and comfortable with my new family lifestyle. Thanks to your assistance, I have been able to achieve a great balance to my life and no longer resent the changes and the reduced time that I have for myself that have occurred since becoming a father.

Also, my phobia of birds is a thing of the past. Through our hypnotherapy sessions and thought field therapy, I now have the skills to manage my fear of birds should it arise again in the future.

No doubt there will be something in my life in the future that I'd like to improve or overcome, and you'll be the first person I call to help me do so.

Many thanks again, and kind regards,


"Hi Sonia,

I really appreciated your advice about my brother - it was an important moment for me.

I hope this doesn't sound too corny, but again I want to say, that I don't take for granted the fact that you are willing to share stories from your personal life, in order to help me with mine. It's extremely encouraging to know and appreciate the history behind how you've come to be the person you are now - the transitions are truly inspiring. For example, you were confused when younger - now the most confident, grounded person I know; in the past you were concerned about your appearance - now you're a stunner; relationship problems in the past - now happy and ready to be married; in the past stressed about health - now no longer so; in the past working for others - now successfully working for yourself; depression sufferer in the past - now helping people with depression.

You may not realise it, but all of that strikes a chord with me, and is immensely encouraging to me, personally - so thank you.

As Oprah would say - "you go, girlfriend!"

"Hi Sonia,

Just thought I'd drop you a line as promised to let you know how things are going. I would've done it earlier, but I wanted to make sure I met my goal weight before I contacted you with the news :)

You'll be happy to know that I've hit 89kgs, which was the weight we aimed for when I saw you 12 weeks ago. (Has it really been three months?) So, in three months I've dropped from 106kgs to 89...and my new goal weight is to stay around 85kgs.

So, the hypnotism worked well, thank you so much. I'm at the gym 6 days a week and I feel so much better - fitter, more aware...more alive. Your three sessions over those three weeks have certainly changed me - and people keep commenting on how well I look!

I'll let you know when I reach 85kgs. Judging by how well I've been doing, you won't have long to wait! Hope you're well and all is fine with you.




My mother Faye went through you to stop smoking. It worked, I can't thank you enough. Her next step was a wheel chair and oxygen tank if she didn't give up smoking.

You have given her back her health and independence. Could you please mail her at least 7 of your business cards as she is recommending you to many of her friends which are very interested in coming to you.

Thank you again so much.


"Dear Sonia

It has been 3 weeks since i came to see you and i have not had a smoke in that time!!!

I have told a number of friends about you so hopefully you can do for them what you have helped me achieve.

yours sincerely,

Anthony Thomas"

"Hi Sonia,

I just wanted to say thank you! I've just come home from my holiday and I made it through 5 flights without shedding a single tear and with no sign of panic at all. I was very impressed with myself! I actually enjoyed the flights... I kept thinking "I used to find this scary??".

Something that used to ruin a big chunk of my holidays is now something that I can enjoy - I can't tell you how happy that makes me!


"Hi Sonia,

Its a pleasure to write and tell you of the transformation our counselling and hypnotherapy sessions have had on me since our first appointment.

Being a person who suffered from depression, low self esteem and confidence, and anxiety for a large amount of my life, in such a short time with you, I'm now enjoying life as a confident, positive and balanced woman.

Through hypnotherapy and counselling, you have provided me with the ability to see my life for what it is, and to move in a positive and upward direction. You've assisted me in taking control of my life, thoughts and feelings, and given me a huge appreciation for the power of the mind.

Thank you so much for not only the time, effort and energy you put into each of our sessions, but for actually making the whole process enjoyable!

Best wishes and best of luck


"Hi Sonia,

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for helping the girls. Both of them feel both physically and mentally restored after their sessions with you. You have a real gift for getting to the heart of the problem quickly.

You provided a safe place for the girls where they felt that they could talk as little or as much as they wanted to and still know that your intuition would guide them towards the right answers. Being a teenager can be tough and I think hypnotherapy is a great tool to help deal with the stresses.

Warm wishes


"Dear Sonia,

It has been a while! Sorry I haven't contacted you for so long -am working full time over the holidays and started straight after exams finished so I have just been incredibly busy.

I thought I'd let you know that everything is going very well! What you said at our last session about positive energy really hit home - changes have been gradual but definite, I am a lot more relaxed about life, family/friends and myself in general. Have also lost about another 5kg which ain't too shabby!

Thankyou so much for your help. Hope you are well and enjoy a Merry Christmas - may/may not see you in the New Year, we'll see how it goes :-)

Yours truly,


"Hi Sonia,

Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year!

Just wanted you to know that I'm doing well - my zest for life has returned! I've lost a couple of kilos, am exercising at the gym 5 days a week, and eating healthy nutritious food. I have lots of motivation to achieve my goals for the coming year.

As you know, when we first met, I was feeling a little lost and lacking direction, and concerned about my weight gain. It was so nice to have you to talk to, to get to the core of my issues, and the hypnotherapy was enlightening (and relaxing).

I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone wishing learn how to "manifest their success"!

Best regards,


PS. The 'Unshakable Confidence' CD is fantastic!"

"To Sonia Devine,

You truly are devine, because it has now been a week since I haven't sucked my fingers.

That includes 3 movies, 7 nights and 1 million times that i would do it for comfort. I don't think I would need to come back to see you. It is truly amazing what hypnotherapy can do! Thank-you sooo much and I hope your job has more and more results like me.

Love Charlotte ( a very happy person, who doesn't suck her fingers!!!) "

"Hi Sonia,

I just wanted to thank you for your help with my self esteem challenges. I have been listening to your CD every day, and now that I am back working I feel so much better.

Thanks again, your help really did make a difference to my life.

Warmest Regards


My client Dan had this to say after his first session:

"Sonia has a powerful ability to create fast and transformational results.

As a professional at the peak of my career I am constantly engaged in public speaking and large corporate presentations.

Last year I began to experience intense anxiety when called on to speak. The outward signs of my anxiety were highly noticeable, tarnished my reputation and began to undermine my seniority and experience.

Having tried various unsuccessful methods to deal with the situation, I approached Sonia who changed my experience within one session. This instant transformation played a key part in helping me calmly and firmly negotiate a very lucrative professional contract.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sonia to other people suffering from the debilitating effects of anxiety."

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